JMJ Children's Fund of Canada Inc.

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The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (M.I.C. Sisters based in Montreal) have a special concern for the education of children in the Eastern Province of Zambia. They are running a kindergarten called Mary Immaculate that was opened in 2009 with 8 children only. By December, 2012 there were 30 children.   Parents and guardians from different faiths and backgrounds have chosen to enrol their children at Mary Immaculate Kindergarten (MIK) because they believe in the education offered by the MIC Sisters.  It is the urgent desire parents, guardians and the entire community to have a kindergarten that is being administered by the religious sisters, where their children are acquiring some Christian morals and values as well.

Sister Emelda writes: “We face many challenges in supporting the orphan and vulnerable children with their school fees and other school necessities. It is for this reason that we always appreciate JMJ Children Fund’s generous financial support. This time, we have included the children who at times stop their education immediately after Kindergarten graduation as a result of lacking some school fees to enable them to continue to primary or basic school.

“Our hope is to support the children from kindergarten to grade 3 (third class of primary school), by providing quality education for kindergarten children and an opportunity for orphaned and other vulnerable children to continue their education after graduating from the kinder. We will also focus on the promotion of spiritual and human morals.”

The beneficiaries are orphans and vulnerable children – aged 3 – 5 years old in Kindergarten (10 children) – aged 6 – 12 years old – in Grade 1 – 7 (34 children)