JMJ Children's Fund of Canada Inc.

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What is JMJ Children’s Fund of Canada?

JMJ Children’s Fund is an international and non-profit, non-sectarian organization, founded in 1972, and based in Canada, dedicated to helping Children in need, wherever they are.

How long has JMJ Children’s Fund been in existence?

JMJ Children’s Fund was founded in December, 1972, in response to an appeal from a Korean priest for his “poor orphans”.  Our first project was the provision of 14 cartons of clothing, milk powder, and vitamins for the Little Flower Orphanage in Pusan, Korea.  On another occasion, a Canadian General in the Armed Forces took 2 x 25 lb. buckets of peanut butter to our orphanage in Korea.

How did JMJ Children’s Fund get started?

In December of 1972 the Ottawa Citizen appealed to the community to help orphans in Korea.  The residents of Ottawa generously contributed clothing, school supplies and money for these children.  JMJ Children’s Fund was founded in response to this appeal, thus acquiring its first major, on-going overseas project.  Subsequently we were asked to help a school in Malawi, an orphanage in Ghana, a home for unwed mothers, in Malaysia, and starving refugees during the Vietnam War.  JMJ was able to send bags of egg powder to Vietnam for relief of hunger there.

About 10 years ago, the orphanage in Pusan was converted into a rehabilitation center for handicapped children supported by Korean agencies. The Sister in charge, Sister Helen  Marie Pak advised us that our help was no longer required there, and so we redirected the funds to assist needy children in other countries.

What percentage does JMJ Children’s Fund spend on administration?

Virtually none.  Our staff are all volunteers who donate their time, efforts and materials to help children.  Our offices and meeting rooms are in our homes.   Even paper and stamps for the quarterly newsletter are donated.

Does JMJ Children’s Fund of Canada Duplcate aid already in existence?

Every city and town in developed countries could support a project in the developing world and still not duplicate services.  JMJ Children’s Fund matches a project in Asia, Africa or the Caribbean with Canadian donors.  Over the past 24 years there have been schools and individuals who have sponsored  a worthwhile project of th this type and have earned the gratitude of the whole generation of young people.  Among these was Trafalgar School in Montreal.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

$35 per month (average).

Are donations to the JMJ Children’s Fund eligible for a tax receipt?

Yes.  JMJ Children’s Fund is registered with Revenue Canada as a charitable and non-profit organization, number 118974625RR0001.

How much of my donation actually goes to the child or school?


If you are interested in sponsoring a child or a school please send donation, name and address to:

JMJ Children’s Fund of Canada, Inc.
P. O. Box 20051, 322 Rideau St. E.
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1N 5W0

Alternatively, you can make an INTERAC e-Transfer of funds to JMJ Childrens Fund of Canada. Please use the Contact Form to request more information on how to do this.